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Since the dropdown toolbar has been removed there is no way to see the latest topics or new topics since your last visit. I have to traipse through each individual board which is not ideal.
Could we please have a system where we can either: view new or unread posts since our last visit; or a new latest topics thread (excluding the traders topics), if you do then I will subscribe for sure!

Actually there is!

The drop down was allowing non paying members to access paid areas of the site, which was not acceptable.
Which is why that had to be removed.

Until an alternative menu can be sorted, simply go into the main boards and subscribe to the board and you will get an e-mail of new posts (ones you have not read) and an e-mail of replies to your subscribed posts if you subscribe to a particular post, or click Notify me of follow-up replies via email.

It may not be ideal but it does work and until we can find a workaround that prevents accessing parts of the forum people should not then it should suffice.
I actually really like the system, you get a notification of new posts and replied to posts based upon your likes, rather than a list of everything new.
That may even be preferable to a list of all new posts as that will contain periods you may have no interest in?

I have subscribed to each board and it took about 60 seconds to do…

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