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I must admit that “General de Brigade” are my favourite set, but most of my games are played in the evenings after work and in all honesty most of the time I don’t have enough brain cells left firing to deal with it.

Black Powder is a set of rules that repays the effort that you put in before hand very much as Sparker says. They are fun, quick and can deal with really big games.

I’ve recently turned to Lasalle because you can just dice for scenarios as per the book, and pick the core forces and support straight out of the book too. The  unit stats are easy to remember and you can link all the games you play together into a campaign as per the system provided.

So in a nutshell I like all three of the above, but in terms of ease of post -workday-use (and this is purely personal) I’d go:

1. Lasalle – because it’s easy to play a game “off the peg” and the rules themselves are relatively simple.

2. Black Powder –  easy to play, but there’s a lot of pre-game work re stats.

3. General de Brigade – I reckon they are the most “realistic” (please don’t ask me to define that) – but after work sometimes the turn sequence and adding up involved do my head in.

Of course if you play at weekends or have a brain that isn’t addled with advanced age your priorities may well be totally different and all the above can be safely ignored!








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