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Michael Hobbs

Hi Thomas

I think it’ll work very well for BoFA and with minimal amount of work

S&S gives you a great foundation for pre-gunpowder battles with a really innovative command and control mechanism which is open enough to allow for different types of units to be created.

Each unit in the game is an element so basing is not a worry as long as both sides use the same frontage, each unit has a type, some stats and possibly some characteristics and this is where you can start to make changes to the core rules.

By adding new characteristics you can create new types of units, for example you could model Wargs as (for example) light cavalry and give them a new characteristic called ‘Fierce’ that affects enemy units morale or something like that, there are already a whole bunch of characteristics in the rules that could be used all you have to do is work out where the gaps are and write some new ones

Characters could use the rules for Commanders (that is part of the rules already) so that’s a simple fit as well

The only problem is magic, but luckily Tolkien made magic use fairly passive, so maybe you use characteristics to model this and give certain Characters a magic characteristic which allows them to do some actions during the game, you could even use cards that players can use when a character or a unit a character is attached to is activated

In short I think using S&S for fantasy battles is very do-able the only work you would have to do is look at the characteristics in the book and write some new ones for specific units

Oh and then try and balance them all so none are too powerful, that’s the tricky bit 😉

All the best


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