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Great points Neal. I’ve not thought of that before but now its obvious that what might be a great set of rules for a long anticipated, multiplayer historical game with lots of email interactions between players about the scenario and troop stats benefits from a set of rules that may not necessarily be ideal for a quick and relaxing ‘pick-up’ game after a long day at the coal face…

Maybe designers should start producing ‘Lite’ versions of their rules for the harassed wargamer on the go!

In our circle we have developed what we call the ‘Black Powder 123’ concept – a series of 6 set scenarios involving no more than 1,2, and 3 units – whether they be Foot, Horse or Guns is left either to the specific scenario, or to the players choice, depending on the scenario. So above you see a Prussian BP123 force of 3 Infantry Bns, and in the background 2 Cav Regiments and an artillery battery. We use none of the BP special rules and only the ‘plain vanilla’ troop stats from the main rulebook. It takes all the prep time out of things, although its main purpose is to train us up in the core rules so we are better at the really big games we love…



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