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Mark Lewis

Hi all, I am also thinking about crusade gaming can you let me know which rules are best used. ( have been looking at the Saga crescent and cross.) thanks in advance


It depends a lot on what sort of game you want. I enjoy playing Saga and I’ve just ordered Crescent & Cross, as I’m sure this will be just as good. However, it isn’t to everyone’s taste, and it is by no means an accurate simulation. You can read lots of reviews of Saga to help make up your mind whether it will be for you (Crescent & Cross has the same rules). Also it is a skirmish game. If you want more of a big battle game then have a look at some of the suggestions on the “favourite rules” thread on the Ancients forum here, as all of the rules discussed on there are generic ancient and medieval rules. Some things to think about are:

1)Fixed sized Elements / Units or individual basing and figure removal.

2) IGOUGO and move everything or rules with more interactive turn sequence and command and control restrictions (e.g where you roll to activate units or have card driven turn sequence).

If you can say what type of game you want, based on the above, then you will be better placed to get recommendations  that will suit you.