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Thanks, guys.

Anyone looking to buy ships for this period should take a look at the 1:600 scale ships by Xyston and Skytrex (there may be other manufacturers). The ones above are Xyston. I have found that ancient sea battles require quite large models because:

  1. They visually aid keeping track of what is happening – especially in big battles.
  2. They are physically easier to grab in the pell mell of an ancient naval melee – to move them without  nudging and accidentally moving other ships.
  3. With size comes painting detail – there isn’t much to a galley to work with in smaller scales.

Alternatively, if I were to do it in a smaller scale, I would base three smaller vessels (1:1200?) on a single base. This would help with 1 & 2 above, but the saving in cost and painting time hardly makes it worth while.

You’ll also notice that I use a lot of counters (mostly beads) in my naval games. This is because I never use roster / damage sheets. In a battle where one player is fighting up to forty ships a time it is MUCH quicker, and things like hull damage don’t get forgotten, if all the information is on the table in front of you.


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