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Ivan Sorensen

Have any of you done any WWII campaigning at a relatively low level? I’ve been chipping away at a set of campaign rules for WWII project. Players run a platoon in most games. Very often a game will consist of a company (+). What factors are important to you (from a campaign perspective) at this level? How “big” should the entire campaign area be? How long (meaning approximately how many games) should the campaign be designed to last? No need to be scientific here. Just looking to mine the experience of those that have gone before. mjc


I did this for 5 Men in Normandy which is a straight up skirmish game (a squad or less, though you can nudge it up).

At that scale, the individual soldiers are important, so we have stuff like random events (get in a fight, get a letter from home etc.) and developing individual skills.

The area is fairly vague since at that scale, you wouldn’t be making decisions about what happens. If you mapped it out, it’d be the immediate surroundings but that’d depend on whether the overall war effort is advancing or not.

I didn’t worry too much about a specific length. Each game advances the campaign 1D6 days and players might follow a calendar of real events or just have that stuff happen in the background. The length is mainly important for things like injury recovery. There is an event built in that will end the campaign the second time it comes up, but the chance is fairly low (about 5% per game, I believe, without looking it up)

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