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Henry Hyde

I’ve got a T-shaped loft conversion that serves as both my design studio and wargames/painting room. My one regret is that we didn’t splash out a bit more to get dormers done, because it means that there’s no spare wall space for extra shelves! The table is a permanent 8 feet x 6 feet, extendable with extra flaps to create 12 feet x 6, but there are two problems with this: firstly, it’s almost impossible to get around the table; and secondly, the chap who built the table for me used monstrously over-thick MDF for the top, which means the table is already too heavy really and I don’t want to end up in the lounge downstairs! In this pic, you can see I’ve just set up a 6 x 4 on the end for one of my photo sessions (hence all the anglepoises…)

The Loftwaffe

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