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Bill Thornhill

My main set for a number of years was WAB, which because of the simplicity made it just fun to play. I only ever played the 1st edition even though I own the 2nd. I was really disappointed that it was wrapped up as it had such a strong community and games were easy to find. There seems to be still a hole there since then.

I had a gap of a couple of years while I moved to the US and sorted my life out, but now I have the chance to game once more I’ve been playing Saga quite a bit lately. A really fun set of rules that don’t take too long to play. More importantly, being skirmish level, armies don’t take long to paint. I’ll want to start building some bigger armies though in the next few months so I too am looking for a good set of rules. I bought War and Conquest the other month and they look very similar to WAB, but like has been said, simplified. I intend to read these again to see if they might be the ones. Hail Caesar is another option but it looks like I’d need much bigger armies. Impetus too has an appeal because of the elements, which I like.

Until I choose I’ll keep playing Saga for now ๐Ÿ™‚


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