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Ivan Sorensen

I would think the goo is somekind of nano gel, as to where you got the idea, I don’t have a clue. I do have some questions though :) Is Five Parsecs From Home a stand alone ruleset or do I need a copy of Fivecore and if so can I combine it with the other suplements like Heroes and Horrors or Heavy Metal. For that matter how does it compare/differ from the 6mm scifi rules your working on? Thanks and sorry for the thread hyjack.


No worries about hijacking.

Five Parsecs will still require a copy of FiveCore though i’m sure there’ll be a bundle deal. I thought about making it stand alone but the page count is already at 80 pages, before counting duplicate tables in the back, and I felt people wouldn’t want to have the base rules duplicated again.

It’s 100% compatible with the existing supplements. If you want to take your salvage crew up against zombies or have a Unity marine squad arrive by APC, no problems with that.
As far as how they compare, Five Parsecs is very much in the vein of games like Laserburn, Necromunda, Traveller or the original 40K Rogue Trader: A small crew of unique characters undertaking adventures. Your characters will improve, random events will happen and you’ll take on jobs and find strange alien loot.

The so-far-not-named 6mm game will be more of a military affair with grav tanks and pitched battles. You CAN do straight up military actions with Five Parsecs but it’s not the primary focus of the game.


Hope that helps!

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