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having said that Rapid Fire is also extremely popular, excellent, and loads of fun!

Well its certainly popular and can be fun….In my opinion though its not ‘excellent’ – an excellent set of rules should surely make up its mind what command level the player is commanding at. I’ve certainly had great fun with them, but only by completely throwing the notional figure and vehicle scale out of the window and treating a group of 10 infantry figures as a section/squad and 3 or 4 AFV as a platoon. Then they bear some resembalance to reality, but the ease with which trained infantry in cover can be mown down still makes them the wargaming equivalent of a shoot ’em up video arcade game…Good infantry are actually extremely hard to kill with direct fire unless you get very,very close!

Hence for me the BattleGroup series of rules, with their emphasis on suppressive fire until you get close enough to close for an assault, seem so much more authentic.

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