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Maybe a subset of the film/tv (media) group? Does anyone have a “master list” or maybe we can create one of the podcasts out there? I have 3 gaming ones I subscribe to (Wargaming Recon is on there!) but there’s got to me more. They make great listening while painting.


Thank you for listening.  It is appreciated that you tune in.  I don’t have a master list but I can say that the following exist or existed at one point.  Partly because some of them are considered “related” to me according to iTunes.
Meeples & Miniatures

Guns, Dice, Butter

Historical Wargames Podcast

Hex Encounter

I’ve Been Diced!

The Messy Game Room

Advance After Combat

Wooden Cubes and Iron Soliders (I think they meant Soldiers)

WWPD News From the Front

Wargames To Go

Radio Free Battlefront

1 Player podcast

Mantic Games Podcast

The 2 Half-Squads: Advanced Squad Leader

Garret’s Games and Geekiness

Dice Tower (and other shows on their network)



40k Radio

Cardboard Jungle

D6 Generation

The Secret Cabal

There’s others but none that come to mind.

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