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Angel Barracks

I used to refer to 6mm as 1/300th or 1/285th but the simple fact of the matter is they are not.
They are no more 6mm either, but that is easier to write/say.

Why are they not 1/300th?
Well looking at a regular 6mm, sorry 1/300th figure at say 6mm tall that is what, 1.8m tall were it 1:1? Seems legit.
The same figure is about 3 or 4mm wide, which is about 1m wide. hmmm seems like an almost cube shaped mutant.
So even if the height is to scale, the width is not.
Neither are the details, cos at that size they need to be exaggerated to be cast.

So yeah scale is probably what people should use, size is easier, so meh whatever really.
If I understand what you mean then all is good.

Nothing I build is to scale, they are built to fit an aesthetic I have in my head.
Scale them up life size and they would the most odd things you have seen.

Or did you mean like on snakes?