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Not Connard Sage

As you say. It’s more the concept of scale rather than the actuality that I’m wittering about. Er, I think.

Take your 1/300 scale. 1mm = 300mm โˆด 1mm โ‰… 1ft. Which is where a nominally 6mm figure comes from I suppose, being a scaled down 6′ human.

All this seems rather obvious to me. Where it breaks down is the mixing and matching of different manufacturers figures. Yes humans are different heights and builds, but a Land Pattern musket is 59″ (waits) long regardless of whether a fat dwarf or a lanky streak of p*** is carrying it. Except that those differing manufacturers, er, differ on what 59″ (still waiting) scales to.

I notice such things straight away, and it jars. Yes, I realise I’m being over-sensitive and pedantic, but I don’t obsess over the exact shade of ‘aurore’ like some do ๐Ÿ˜‰



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