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Not Connard Sage

For wargames, aka pushing thing about and moving them around and generally touching stuff. You can’t make things to scale, they would break. They would also be lacking detail, as I mentioned above. If you are not on about things on models being out of scale with the rest of the model/the rest of the world. What exactly do you mean? Or do you mean why is bobs m16 bigger than steves when they are both 1/48th? If that, then the thing about them not being to scale in the first place will be the thing I reckon. :)

I was on about.


Wargamers not understanding what ‘scale’ a figure nominally is, and not being able to do the maths***. As evidenced by  questions like ‘what scale is 37mm?’ or ‘will these 1:29 scale vehicles go with my 37mm minis?’

Scale modellers don’t have a problem, and wargaming is kinda, sorta, allied to scale modelling. Maybe not as much as in my youth, when it was all ‘Airfix, Airfix, Revell…oh, Roco’, but it still is. It certainly is chez NCS

It was that simple. No agenda, no finger pointing, no trolling, just idle curiosity. If I’d have known it was going to raise this much ire I wouldn’t have bothered. I probably won’t in future.


***some wargamers, not all, not even most.

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