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Rod Robertson


Are the Cobras plastic models, metal miniatures or die-cast toys? You need two more M1A1’s to complete a standard US tank company. Good luck but you should have stuck with the War-Pac kit. I’ve just finished 7 WWII Soviet BT-7’s and am now working on 4 T-35 heavy tanks and 5 KV-1’s. Next up is 3 BT-7a CS tanks and 14 T-26 Lt. tanks for the Barbarossa Soviets. For the Germans it’s a third platoon of early war infantry, 5 Pz III G’s and 6 Pz II C/D’s plus 21 motorcycle-sidecar combos and two separate motorcycles. Then it’s back to some more Ultra-modern kit.

Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

Just Jack seems to have gone to ground. I hope all is well with him and his family. Any idea what’s up with the long-horn Marine?

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.