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Models? For historical games it will be suitable and appropriate figures/vehicles/buildings for the era. Well detailed and accurate models are preferable but for wargaming purposes some degree of compromise is acceptable, eg I’ve used 1/96 scale Oerlikon guns from Naval model suppliers on nominally 1/100 (15mm) models, because there aren’t (or at least weren’t) any 1/100 versions available. I’m a little more forgiving of scale vagaries for sci-fi or fantasy, but they still need to sit ‘right’ together, & that is a subjective judgement.

Price, ease of construction and speed of delivery don’t really enter into it for me. Good service (not the same as fast service) does however.

If it’s a particular vehicle/aircraft etc that i’m really interested then I’m likely to head straight to 1/35 or another ‘modelling’ scale, rather than mucking around with the compromises in wargaming ‘scales’…