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Indeed… I managed to smuggle a box of dollies, some green stuff, a few scalpel blades, some copper wire and several packets of M16s, SLRs, AKs and a few other bits on the aeroplane out here to Ukraine.

Nothing to with Airport security… it was smuggling it past my wife…

So, a week into my holiday, I have managed to finish off…

PW Britain in helmet

6 with SLR
3 Command SLR
3 Sterling
3 Carl Gustav
2 L4 Bren
1 Blowpipe
2 FOO/FAC (spotters)
1 2″ mortar

3 Law66 (need to finish these when I get home)

2 dogs (guard or sniffer)
1 goose (…that’s for the Romans… Chas has some already)
2 downed pilots (flight suit and pistol, one holding helmet, one wearing, pretty generic, fast jet or rotary wing)
3 Spetznaz scouts (great for behind the lines, or as forward scouts/dismountz from BRDMs)

Cold War Canadians (First Clash -been meaning to add these for some time)
6 C1
3 Command (C1)
(rest to follow, need CG, LAW66, 0.30, 0.50, TOW crew – what did they use for LMG??)

Multi-purpose, Fritz helmets and AK assault rifles, slight mix of webbing – US helmet with AK has been a popular request for a while.
6 with AKs
3 Command
(more to follow)

I was sort of… inspired. ‘Future’ soldiers (no name yet), in generic suits with visored helmets and backpack style respirators, and according to my 6 year old…
3 ‘energy’ weapons
3 heavy weapons (portable/support, railgun, missile/rocket launcher, plasma/freeze gun)
These can, of course, be whatever you think they are. They could be used as terrain to fight off world, or aliens to invade Earth…

Modern US Special Forces on horseback
4 horses, 4 riders (2 poses) in a mix of Afghan dress and US webbing, with M16.

Civilians with AK

3 ‘command’ (signalling/waving, so could be used generally for pose variation, or as some form of leader, ideal for FoF irregular)
6 mixed poses (these will be in civvies clothing, shirts, jackets, little or no webbing, little or no headgear)
I’m thinking these 9 will all be with AK. I may then add a 3 pose pack for each other primary common weapon type (M16, G3, SLR, RPG) later, so you can mix and match. Dress will be pretty generic, so probably cover most of Europe down to the Middle East.

Modern US
2 figures with shotgun, M4 slung (adds to the range, to help you open the doors in AA/FoF)

Then (after seeing a photo of modern infantry on patrol) thinking of adding a single pack of left handers. I can do a pack of modern US and modern Germans when I get home (as I don’t have any M4s or G36 with me). I don’t recall seeing G3 or SLR being handled left handed? What about M16?

And I still have nearly 2 weeks of holiday left…

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