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Mike – sort of. Problem is that the cast flags aren’t nice rectangular slabs, often given a ‘ripple’ or not square. An example – Duchy of Warsaw flags. I need to make a wrap around decal 24mm x 10mm, each flag face is roughly 11mm x 10mm (they are not square), with a 2mm strip in the middle to wrap around the staff. The image I have is very long, and has a fringe. I want to use something like the ink dropper tool (MS Paint) to take the flag body colour to fill in my 24 x10 box, then crop the Polish Eagle and text to then place centrally on each flag face. Hope that makes sense, quite trcky trying to explain. I don’t want a fringe as I will paint this on (and use it to hide the decal edges).

PP – thanks will take a look.