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Most sci-fi game settings don’t work for me for one reason or another, and I tend to read sci-fi books that don’t really involve war for the most part, more into exploration and adventure.   Most of what I would or do game in sci-fi is more from TV and movies.  I like Star Trek (TOS style) for ship combat, would love to skirmish in a Firefly setting, and probably would enjoy gaming in an adaptation of 5th Element universe as well.

My sci-fi gaming tends to take the form of near-future and post-apoc.  Again, movies and TV provide much of the near-future stuff with a mix ranging from Bladerunner to Mars Attacks.  Post-Apoc comes much more from books than TV/movie inspiration, but again is a compilation of bits ranging from A  Canticle for Leibowitz to The Texas Israeli War (in the same game).