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We have movies such as Terminator moving into post apoc territory plus Book of Eli and the firmly rooted The Road book and film.Then there are game series/franchises Borderlands and Fallout with the latest, Fallout 4 making a splash (Interestingly the production crew of Fallout were asked to read The Road). Post apoc would make for an interesting setting although there is some (not much) debate on weapons i.e. would we be back to sticks and stones just how scifi is it?

The world of Perdido Street Station does not involve a war setting either,  gang related and security forces scrapes mostly, varied races living in a City State trading with similar City States and not based on our earth. It is my idea of Steam Punk rather than the Victorian Science Fiction version that seems to have hijacked the genre. The world has developed science and tech but in the form of thaumaturgy, magnetics, pyschetic and the ever reliable steam. Computing exists but electric power does not, a great balance between sci and fant though more heavily weighted to the sci side of the balance and interstingly (for me) the first sci-fi book I had bought and finished reading in over 45 years….. sci-fi’s not my thing usually

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