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Angel Barracks

Slightly off on a tangent, but here is some music that inspired me when creating the world of Kometenmelodie.

Kometenmelodie 1
It has yet to happen since colonisation but the planet is hit by comets on a regular basis.
These can enter the atmosphere and they create a truly spectacular visual display.
The bits of rock that do not burn up, but rather make it through are composed in way that the air rushing past them creates an eerie wailing sound.
This melody of the comets has been known to awaken a slumbering presence, beneath the surface of Kometenmelodie.

Fishing Junks At Sunset
The people of Anshan who live in the Liao River Valley near the mountains also fish the river.
It is not easy, but then life on Kometenmelodie is not easy anywhere.
This is them fishing at night before they return home.

Last Rendezvous
This is a survivor from the Marco Polo as they drift toward the atmosphere of Kometenemodie in their small cramped escape pod, watching through the small glass panel in the floor as they see their whole world burn up and crash, they wonder about what could have been.