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I wasn’t questioning the Alfas ability to turn tighter (cheers for the explanation though!) so much as it hints at it in the rules, but doesn’t mention/confirm it on the datacard.

I’ve (just) emailed – I hadn’t before as I couldn’t seem to find any postings after 2012 and the TMP account had been dormant that long so kind of assumed the email was too.m

Play tested a couple of games. Was simple but fun. Need to work on a system of blind dummies, I think, otherwise you are just waiting on the right dice roll. We played on just a small table area, probably too small. That close it does tend to go from a hush, hush creep to manic manoeuvre once the fish hit the water, and is pretty deadly at that point – so it’s probably reasonably correct!!

Tried sub on sub (LA v Akula, very similar characteristics) then with a boat… that’s where the blinds are really needed, otherwise you can simply drop a helo over the sub with an active SB followed by an active fish or two….

I think a few more games and we will see some different strategies develop!

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