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Pretty simples, yellow is a mistake we all make and I should know

Go to your light sand and ivory colours, in this instance leave the yellow as undercoat and highlight with a bone or ivory, line your paints up and work out the tones and brightness of your light colours. The rest will sort itself out with a bit of practice.

I started this with desert sand or something similar and ended it with bleached bone for a golden blond, about as close to yellow as I dare go nowadays

light brown orange for the base on this’un

Seems dumb but apparently blond is a mutation of red hair…… or red is a mutation of blonde hair genes….. so they go together somehow hence most blondes are strawberry blonde.

Reaper Master Series has a good blonde hair triad, if your not inclined to buy just go to their web site and study the colours they use. The best tip I can offer is look at blond and red and brunette haired people… but dont get caught staring, you’ll either get arrested or propositioned.

Studying real life things is the best painting advice ever.

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