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Don Glewwe

Fielding Americans for the first time raises the issue of what term to use for the sort of thing Chapman possessed/displayed.  Although he came out okay, it could have easily gone the other way: He was rolling the maximum number of dice each round of combat and never exceeded his very low threshhold for failure – instead rolling a higher-than-average number of successes.   anyway…

As mentioned upthread, I use ‘pluck’ for the British, ‘elan’ for the French, and ‘hallschmerzen’ for the Germans to describe over-eager bravery that may (or more likely may not) be backed up by the talent/resources to support it.  ‘Guts’ has been suggested, but strikes me as too positive – I’m looking for something that matches the other terms inasmuch as they carry a good deal of negative baggage behind the pretty flag decal…any ideas?