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The short answer is “it depends”.   On the year and in some cases, the theater.  SS outfits and Elite outfits like Gross Deutschland and Lehr often had unique organizations for reasons I will not discuss here.

Parts and maintenance and repair issues often dictated that units be homogenous.  (two types of tanks literally doubles the inventory of spare parts needed).

The 1940 Tank Division actually had 4 different TO&E !

The 41 Tank Division had one tank regiment of three battalions.  (African units had two battalions).  Each battalion consisted of three companies of 22 tanks (2 Pz III and one Pz IV).  Each company was entirely Pz III or Pz IV.  Hard to tell how they were actually employed.  You can find some interesting accounts that make you wonder what was going on  — I suspect the regimental/battalion CO had great latitude.

The next big armored division shake-up took place in June of 44 (officially).  Panzer III’s long gone by then.


Hope that helps.