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Don Glewwe

100 years ago was a busy day (for ’16 anyway…) – there were eight claims.  Rather than pick one, I’m going to address the goal of this shameless ego-cyber-prod-of-a-thread by putting a half-dozen of the victors on the table and letting them go at it in the sort of imaginary scenario I would expect to run at a convention or gameday or whatever.  By using the smaller (4″) hexes on my boards I have almost eight square miles in which to conduct the engagement – not something available to other rules (?) and (hopefully) a good test of how/if my strange game succeeds in taking advantage of a ‘big sky’.  Not much to see now: I’ll admit that posting this now is a sort of self-extortion so that I stay motivated…any port in a storm, right?

Here’s a shot of the setup:

The two recon planes (LVG and Be2c) are headed towards towns to snoop – every successful spot brought back will be worth 3 VP.  No points are gained for the downing of the LVG, but 2 VP* are gained by the Germans if they manage to knock down the Be2 (which was given a veteran pilot to make up for the fact that…well…it’s a Be2).

Jean Navarre (upper left, in a Nieuport 11) has his eyes on the LVG, while Oswald Boelcke (center-right, in a Fokker E-IV), the German’s ‘lone wolf’, is tailing the Be2 and is in position to pounce.  The loss of either of these aces will yield 3 VP* for the other side.  Roderic Dallas and Redford Mulock of Naval 1W (center-left, also in Nieuport 11s)) are clueless at this point and see nothing, while Wilhelm Frankl and Kurt Wintgens of KEK Vaux (bottom-left, in Fokker E-IIIs)) have the pair of Nieuports in sight and are moving to intercept.  Each of these pilots is worth 2 VP*.

*if a pilot flees the board the other side gains 1 VP


Fingers crossed for the time away from chores to spend on this.   I hope to put together a fairly extensive AAR that includes descriptions of the game mechanics and such.  or not…