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Guy Farrish

Thanks Patrice.

My father used to call his loose change ‘shrapnel’ – I think it is/was a fairly common term in the UK.

That broadness of meaning was what I was trying to get across – probably badly. I wouldn’t say there is no point in attempting to be precise in a conversation like the one ‘in another place’ but it seems to generate a lot more heat than light when in the end, for wargame purposes I am not sure it makes a huge amount of difference.

If you were making a game at the level of the individual battery, or even section of guns then, yes, perhaps such precision would be useful – if only for ‘colour’ as you run out of the relevant load in your ready limber and have send off to the caisson for more. But in most Napoleonic games there would seem to be so many other variables which we either ignore or group up into a general ‘uncertainty’ dice roll, that bothering about the nomenclature for bits of metal fired from a cannon seems, just a tad, anal in approach?