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Hello everyone

Another wargamer from New Zealand here. I pop on on TMP and LAF from time to time as Natholeon, but mostly post my thoughts and doings on my blog.


I’ve been gaming for plenty of years now, originally inspired by Charles Grant and Donald Featherstone to push my plastic Airfix and Esci figures around the table in a slightly more formal and mature way than I had been doing (I do still occasionally make ‘explodey’ sounds, though). I have a general interest in pretty much everything, but World War One, the Seventeenth Century and Republican Rome/the Hellenistic age are my pet periods.

I used to write my own rules, but it is so much easier to play games with other people with commercial sets that I spend most of my gaming time playing SAGA and Flames of War. Never being satisfied I do still like to experiment with and tweak these.

Great to see so many familiar names popping up over here, including some of the exiles from a certain other site. Thanks Mike and Sam for making this happen.