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Jose Manuel Moreno

Greetings friends!

At the Kickstarter coming soon together the Spanish Second Edition and the English First Edition of the basic game that we have been introducing in the previous posts, 2GM TACTICS opens new fronts now adding other Nations to the game. So we hope you support us joining to the battle!

2GM Tactics moves to battlefields of Egypt and Lybia. Two new nations are taking part in these battles: Great Britain and Italy.

This expansion pack lets players revive the battles fought by English and Italian forces, before the German Afrika Korps arrival to the theatre of operations.


On the other side, Germany breaks the non-aggression pact with USSR and starts the Barbarrossa Campaign, bringing the blitzkrieg to Russian lands.

Most of Spanish players have been asking for new Armies to join the battle, specifically the Red Army. We have worked hard to bring them in within a short period of time.

So, furthermore, the base game cards, new unit types, support cards, terrain cards and Generals shall be added to the game experience. We are even working on a campaign book based in the new available fronts too.

We will keep you informed, and we will see you on the battlefield!