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House Targaryen consists of a hoplite army of freed slaves. They are in vaguely Ancient Greek / Macedonian-style outfits that are completely black, including black shields and helmets.

Ah yes, managed to find some decent reference now- the unsullied, elite warrior-eunuchs who fight in large, disciplined phalanx formations. Also unsullied-in-training who serve as auxiliaries.

Just to complicate things, in season 1, the Targaryen army was basically like a Mongol horde and solely consisted of cavalry.

It  sounds like the cavalry came a bit later, after they were criticised that “while the unsullied are impressive infantry… she still possesses no cavalry, siege weapons, or ships”

The wiki suggests:

  • After Daario slayed the captions of the Second Sons at Yunkai they gained 2,000 armored cavalry
  • After the burning of Vaes Dothrak they gained the loyalty of 100,000 Dothraki cavalry (which appear to be the Mongol horde type)


They also have three dragons – “dragons at this time are capable of providing the only air support in the known world”

I haven’t seen any Impetus army lists but there are a few for Hordes of Things on the internet.

Found: Hordes-Westeros-Armies and more HOTT-GoT

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