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Big fan of Reaper used them for the last 12 years, the base (or mix) has changed slightly over that time, for the better I might add.

Recently sold all of my Reapers bar the HD’s and Gear Blitz lines and repurchased a few fave’s from the core colours. I wanted to cull my complete paint collection because it was getting out of hand. Dumped the Citadel Foundation (1st iteration) paints which never got used  because the Reaper HD’s are much better IMO. Also dumped my Vallejo Model Colour and Game Colour and re-purchased a handful of colours I really like.

So now I have fresh pots of the few Vellajo and Reaper Master Series core colours that I like, Full set of Reaper HD’s and a brand new set of Scalecolour paints (about 63 pots)….. I now have 200 less pots of paint than previously, I said it was getting out of hand!

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