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Guy Farrish

That’s really cool Jack.

I admit it threw me for a second when your page came up with the adobe style buildings in situ!

Makes sense now I’ve read it.

Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Re the flock, I’ve used matt varnish spray in the past and that works pretty well to set it. It still rubs off under heavy use though.

Would the hairspray affect the rubber in any way?

I’ve seen railway modellers use dilute pva glue to fix ballast,  dribbled on with a dropper, but they have crazy patience. Some of them use it on grass flock away from the tracks sprayed on with a garden mister and they reckon it sets it rock hard. Worth a try on a test piece to see how it looks. Don’t know how it would affect the look of the rest of the terrain that isn’t flocked though – they only use it on big grass areas where the glue sinks in.

Really looking forward to reading about/seeing this in use!