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Just Jack

Wow, thanks everyone, particularly for the advice.

Let me lay out what I’ve done:
-Cut the top tile up (to show elevation) then wood-glued it to the bottom tile.
-Hand painted with two coats of latex paint to protect the tiles.
-Spray painted with matte brown.
-Spray painted with a brown ‘textured’ paint (it has little rocks or something in it to give texture.
-Spray painted the rivers/paddies with a satin green.
-Hand painted with acrylic brown all the dirt, then dry-brushed it with a yellow acrylic and then a white acrylic.
-Hand painted the grass with acrylic brown, dropped the flock on, pressed it, then shook the excess off.

So, sounds kinda close to Irish’s method. ┬áBut I’m still getting scrapes in the flock…