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Allen Curtis

“I have been wondering about the use of Pz III and Pz IVs in German Panzer Divisions in 1943. Specifically for the Kursk operation…”

Sorry you haven’t had more useful answers.  Earlier unit composition isn’t particularly helpful for Kursk, except to note that companies were typically homogeneous–by mark, not necessarily by variant.  Do you have access to a copy of the second volume Jentz’s Panzertruppen?  I’ll see if I can summarize.

The most typical Heer structure probably was two battalions, each with a headquarters and one medium company equipped with Pz IV, and two (or three) light companies equipped with Pz III.  Medium companies that were short Pz IVs were occasionally filled out with a platoon of Pz III.  Light company structure, as mentioned, could be all of one variant or include mixed variants.  Any remaining Pz II would typically be a platoon in the regimental headquarters.  In some cases, a Pz III Flamm platoon was attached to one or more battalions.

There were exceptions: for example Pz Regt Grossdeutchland, with one battalion of Pz IV, a second battalion mixed as above, and a heavy company of Tiger Ia.

Confusing?  It is to me…  And that’s without getting into the Panther-equipped battalions!