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Rod Robertson

Just Jack!

Your Tommie’s look great! The Seikh/Indian troops were a bit of a surprise but also look great. The battles you could do for the Canadians are many. If you want suggestions just holler.

For Easy Company scenarios in Africa why not try some of the following:

  1. A night patrol in the desert vs. a German squad of veterans occupying an adobe house on a rise which is an excellent position for observation by day.
  2. Protecting a crewless, disabled Sherman tank and recovery/repair crew at night from attack by maurading German patrols.
  3. The heroes of Easy Company have to sneak up to or fight their way up to a Tiger I tank which is picking off US armour at long distance . The tank is too busy to engage the infantry until the last minute and so its defence is in the hands of a German squad.
  4. As above except its a Flak 36 88mm AA/AT gun and crew of nine gunners.
  5. The boys of Easy Company have to raid the compound of an influential Berber sheikh and capture him alive for political reasons. The Germans have detailed a squad of crack Fallschirmjagers to protect the compound in addition to the sheikh’s own men.
  6. Easy Company has been tasked to help some Free French (recently Vichey) troops supported by an old R-35 tank to attack a German Kampfgruppe headquarters in order to capture some Nazi officers and important documents.
  7. Easy Company comes up against some Barbary Pirates who have kidnapped a beautiful French contessa. To win favour with the unreliable Vichey forces Easy Company must rescue the Contessa de Baisemoi alive and unharmed from the fiendish Captain Tapette and his Pirates of Merde.
  8. Easy Company must infiltrate behind enemy lines and recce mysterious digging and excavations in some ancient ruins in Tunisia. What are the Germans and their Vichey henchmen in such a hurry to unearth? Who knows but it could change the course of the war!
  9. Easy Company is finally getting some much deserved time off for recreational leave in the small North African town of Murabittum. While enjoying the belly dancing and charms of some local beauties, they are interrupted by a disheveled Sufi mystic from the wilderness who tries unsuccessfully to tell them something vital to the war effort. Before a translator can be found the mystic is shot down by a Vichey assassin who flees the scene. The boys of Easy Company must give chase and are led from the town into the wilderness. Here they come face to face with a supernatural monstrosity which would paralyze normal men with its eldritch horror. Supporting this unspeakable abomination are some very bad Nazis of the Thule Society. A most irregular fight begins to the harsh German command, “Achtung Cthulhu!”.
  10. While on a long range recce patrol in the Atlas Mountains the boys of Easy Company stumble upon an old French colonial fort. They seek shelter there from a violent Sirocco and dust storm only to find that they are surrounded by undead Betber infantry and cavalry. On the positive side they are being defended by undead French Foreign Legionaires and one ageless but living Legionaire named Beau Geste. Now they’re in for the fight of their lives!

I hope these little scenario seeds juice your Sgt. Rock mojo and get you back on track.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.