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Mr. Average

SF3D is my new thing, loving some of the hardware… But then I started wondering, as terrain is my main thing, does SF3D have any style for it’s terrain? The vehicles have a very definite feel about them, but buildings?

I’m glad you’ve seen the light, Mike.  S.F.3.D. is something of an obsession of mine, as you can tell from my copious comments and the style of my comic.

I think KR-16 terrain is what I always imagine when I think of S.F.3.D. – undeveloped colonial frontier, slightly blasted.  Its backstory takes place on an Earth that is being re-colonized after being utterly devastated in World War IV.  The fluff for it always described it as “lush” and fully recovered ecologically, but it’s always depicted in images as desertified semi-arid wasteland from which the colonists are eking a meager existence.  To wit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AYFcrgmou8

Put it this way, when I stage my S.F.3.D. games with the Notrockers you’re making (and, God willing, armored suits and light walkers) I plan to do so on a mix of Junker and Brigade Sci Fi colonial terrain.