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The military wing of Quansec has created its own ideas regarding command structure. The incursion onto Adonis had been led by Sector Commander Johnson. He was a company suit who had been moved over and trained by former military experts. Unfortunately bad intelligence had led the Quansec board to grossly underestimate the strength of the HySys forces stationed on Adonis. A scouting mission had, however, uncovered what was most likely to be the entire reason the Board had sent him here. Ordering the most combat effective units to converge at Research station AD16, Johnson hoped to capture it and discover why HySys had loaded the planet militarily.

Reports were coming in to fleet that a HySys attack group was approaching the system, with enough fire power to be able to disperse the Quansec logistics fleet. The troops on the ground did not have long to take the facility and investigate. At the end of each turn a dice would be rolled. On a score of 11/12, the Quansec forces would need to break off the engagement.

Full battle here: http://inexperiencedmodelmaker.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/research-station-ad16-final-engagement.html