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I can’t see a button to edit my original post, so I will add some photos here.

Rhoro Tharik, in the blue armour. It is a slightly older model of the armour used by Quansec security forces, but his skills from a past in the corps more than make up for anything his suit lacks in modernity. Jarek O’Neil and Flint Church are wearing armour they have pieced together over the years. They like to get up close and personal so wanted to be less encumbered. They went for orange, although are both thinking about moving a different direction in terms of colour. (Read, I don’t like how they turned out last night and how you can’t see the flesh of their faces, but I wanted them to stand out).

Rescued from my cupboard, where it had been slightly damaged, I managed to actually use my modular starport. Storing this is difficult, and I need more sections. This is my next project.

Shotguns kick ass. Especially if given the ability to hit multiple targets.

Brawling is quite dangerous as you get no cover bonuses. You only get to roll saves for your armour, and any weapons/abilities you have that allow for extra defense roles.

The full AAR is on the blog, linked above, but I love these rules. They allowed me to tell a cool little story to introduce my guys. We will see where their adventures take them from now on.