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Just Jack

Okay, faster and deadlier, but how do they play?  I gather they are IGO-UGO (which is okay), but I’ve seen reference to stuff like tanks bailing out, tanks bogging down, reserve units, lots of air power, special moves (‘blitzkrieg,’ or maybe that’s just normal FOW?), stuff like that.  What is that stuff, how does it work?

I’m pretty close to saying hell with it and buying the rules, but as you probably saw, I just sold off two dozen sets of rules I don’t use, and I’m not eager to start a new pile.  But I do like the idea of something quick and straightforward that can handle a lot of mechanized units on the table, I’d like to see what all the Team Yankee hub-ub is about, and I wouldn’t even mind being one of cool kids (playing what everybody else plays) for once 😉

Having said that, if I do this, I think my first project with it will be 3mm Arab-Israeli Wars.  This should let me halve everything distance wise; my understanding is that the ‘normal’ FOW/TY table is 6′ x 4′, so I could play on a 3′ x 2′.  Yes, I have a 6′ x 4′, but I really don’t like playing on it all that much, plus I have so much garbage (troops and terrain) sitting on it, with nowhere else to put it…