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Rod Robertson


12″X12″? Why not just start the game in hand-to-hand melee? What’s the point of an LMG if you can’t ‘spandau’ the enemy at range? Is it possible to simulate close-quarters fighting if the player has any control over all the troops? These US figures represent green and arguably poorly trained conscript troops. How much control should the commander have and wouldn’t most of their actions be to hunker down and fire blindly rather than to maneuver and fight like modern professionals? Does an over-seeing perspective really simulate the decision making and mental/instinctual split-second decisions of combat in N. Africa in 1943?

On the German side, five guys is a reinforced OP at best. Would the Germans try to defend important terrain with so little. Or would they defend in depth and withdraw and then counter-attack in force if the terrain was less critical? That was the German tactical doctrine of the time. Kill at range using forward MG positions, withdraw to stronger positions in depth  and then repeatedly counter-attack by fire and maneuver until the objective is recaptured.

I liked the game and your narrative but couldn’t help thinking that this was like dropping a bunch of Chinese fighting fish into a tiny fishbowl and trying to learn lessons about ecology. I guess the one word is ‘why?’. And if the answer is ‘fun’, then more power to ya and I’m clearly over-thinking this. It is after all based on comic books.

As always I enjoyed the fight and your gripping depiction of the action. Thanks so much for sharing this and all your games (except the Nappies).

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.