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Shawn Carpenter

I haven’t done a lot of reading on the conflict, so I’m not really able to get down in the weeds on troop ratings. You can’t go too wrong by remembering the following things, though:

TQ D8 troops represent decently trained professional troops. If they’re poorly led, their Confidence may be Poor, while if they’re very well-led, it may be High.

Troops who are highly motivated will have a D10 or higher Morale. Troops with average Morale will throw D8s, while those that would really rather be somewhere else will roll D6s.

It’s really up to your interpretation of history as to where troops from different conflicts fall on the TQ/Confidence/Morale continuum . . . and what applies to a unit at one point in time might not apply to them earlier or later in history.

Hope this helps a little!

Shawn Carpenter
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