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Hi Henry:

I have come really appreciate WarPaint’s Quickshade for my 10mm and 6mm, but most all inks will work.  It’s quick and easy [the important part], pulls out all the detail and if you want to dry brush highlight, looks even better.  Blue, Brown and Dark shade is really all you need.   So a medium blue for the coat, light blue for the pants, blue Quickshade, then the flesh and details. [The Quickshade will make the blues a bit darker]  Or medium gray and Dark Shade.  Simple with ACW.

Brown for butternut and/or flesh.  It doesn’t take much work, much Quickshade or much talent to do it.  I like the looks of the figures.

My first miniature armies were Airfix when I still in high school.  My boys and I were still using them when they were growing up… They finally were so dried out they became really brittle.  Bodies everywhere with no feet.