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I have had a look at most of the games mentioned in previous post, as with all rules some are better fun to play than others, I tend to play Rapid Fire (true it does lack advanced command and control but I have found that a good pre game brief and objective solves most problems).

I have Bolt Action and like some of the ideas (understood the rules more when I worked out they were a skirmish game) Doo.

Lately I have revisited Don Featherstone’s WW2 rules, there are some very good tried and tested ideas.

Sadly like most war-gamers I tend to cherry pick the best bit I like in various rules, or if I am playing for example Rapid fire I tend to add in agreed house rules.  This can be problematic if you play outside your normal group.

As I don’t do competition gaming and only play for enjoyment it has not been a problem for me.

If you can’t find a set of rules you like, try writing some for yourself.  At the very least that can be a bit time consuming and may push you towards simpler rules.

Play for enjoyment is the best set of war-game rules.