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Alexander Wasberg

Well, there are a number of optionsthe wat I see it: You can give some new traits to the group if you can justify it to yourself within the confines of the back-story you’ve made for them.
Given the background of Rhoro and Flint, isn’t it possible that they both picked up some skills in the Corp, or even afterward, that haven’t been needed as of yet? Since you haven’t mentioned what he did in the military, or as a smuggler, maybe he is the sneakier one of the two, while Flint might know his way around a electronic system or two courtesy of Unity training? Just a suggestion if you’d like to keep the team as is, but be able to diversify a bit ๐Ÿ™‚


..Considering the wealth of resourceful individuals that can be found on the fringe I’d wager there is some sneaky intrusion expert, former unity agent or just plain thief that could be persuaded to help the team with a less direct approach.

It just comes down to what sort of missions/adventures you want to be able to send them on. For the last one I did for example, I just used the standard task rules for sneaking, rolling opposed rolls if they ever entered LoS of the guards. As long as Vic & co rolled more successes than the guards trying to spot them, they remained hidden, but they had to start and finish the move in cover, which is also why they were discovered so quickly..

Just some food for thought, with Starport Scum it doesn’t appear, to me at least, to be wrong answers, only different ways to solve a problem ๐Ÿ™‚