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Mike Galvin


Wife suggested I get a storage building for my hobby/mancave stuff. We already have a shed which I had set up a painting area in. After loading it with excess stuff from the house, she saw it was pretty cramped,  so let me set up a painting area in a large out of the way corner of the great room. After finding miniatures and paints scattered all over the house from our 4 cats, she decided I could probably use a secure, secluded area for myself. We picked out one of those 2 storey, gabled, buildings. The bottom floor is a reference area with all my history/Wargaming books, a recliner to relax while researching and a roll top desk and a dorm sized refrigerator. I plan to put in a small wood stove for the winters. The upper floor with the stairs on the left side contains shelving along all the walls except under the 2 windows on the side opposite the stairs. That is where my 2X5 foot painting desk is set up. in the middle of the floor, extending to the stair rail is my permanent 5X8 foot table. There is storage for all large items underneath the table. I have put up a shelf to cover the top of the stairway that is not really easily accessable, and is where my fleet of 25mm ships is kept out of the way. Have had the building going on 2 years and am still working things out. That is just the way it is when you are your 3 year old Granddaughter’s favorite person. Priorities!


Enjoy your area. We few, we happy few!