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Unitl now I don’t know how to insert files inside a thread. Btw, these are the stats about support weapons from the old forum

A/T weapons

M1A1/M9A1 Bazooka Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:3(M)

PIAT Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:3(M)

Panzerzfaust Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:4(H)

Panzerschrek Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:4(H)

Machine guns

M1919A4 Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:0
M2 Hvy. Sup. AP:3/AT:1(L)

Vickers MMG Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:0

Bren Light Sup. AP:1/AT:0

M1918A2 BAR Light Sup. AP:1/AT:0

MG34/42 Non-belt Light Sup. AP:2/AT:0

MG34/42 bipod Med. Sup. AP:2/AT:0

MG34/42 tripod Hvy. Sup. AP:3/AT:0

Type 11 Light Sup. AP:1/AT:0

Type 96 Light Sup. AP:1/AT:0

Type 92 Hvy. Sup. AP:2/AT:0


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