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Rod Robertson


I want to thank you for costing me money. While looking up the MERC figures on Flytrap’s website I blundered across the Skirmish Sangin Scenario #5 pack. Well, I bought it but with shipping so high from NZ I could not justify just the one purchase so I bought more Taliban! I don’t need more Taliban! But I could not help myself! I now have almost 150 Taliban figures plus technicals and crews! And now I’ve bought more!

Well seeing this clear imbalance in forces I went to Khurasan and bought two packs of their modern military contractors. But with shipping so high from the US I could not Justify just the two packs so I bought US mortars, TOW’s, HMG’s, more BTR-60PB’s, more BMP-1’s, etc. the list goes on! Luckily I was able to stop before I bought a company of 1980’s Soviet Infantry and a company each of BMP-2’s and BTR-80’s or the bill would have skyrocketed.

Thus, I’m now in the hole to the tune of $225.00 CD all because of six Eureka Aussies! Now, I could blame this on a profound lack of self-control on my part, but I prefer to shift the blame onto you as an enabler! And now I find myself wondering if any manufacturer makes Taliban on motorcycles with single and double crews! Damn you, sir, for waving a red cape in front of someone who is so clearly full of bull!

Cheers from the poor-house.

Rod Robertson.