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Marc Caron


Played my first game this weekend. Love the dice and action systems.


Here is my first question.

We ran into 2 problems while playing [Safe Corridor]. We ended the game (25 points) after turn 2. There was no animosity. We are long time friends. Here are our observations :

1) After the first turn, as per RAW of the mission, the defendant is not required to put any (0) Evacuees in play. How can the attacker win if the defender doesn’t put at least 5 evacuees in play? Shouldn’t there be a set value per turn to ensure the rescue mission progresses? 3 per turn for the first 3 turns for exemple.

2) From the defendant’s point of view, the evacuees are too slow. On a 48″ table, as per RAW, it takes 6 turns (Patrol 4+4×6=48) for the first evacuee to reach the opposite side. Ample time for the attacker to destroy the defenders army and then kill the defenceless evacuees. Since they are scared to death and running for their life in open terrain, we suggest they should have two (2) actions instead of one. At 16″ per turn the first evacuee «wave of 3» would arrive at the other side of the table on turn 3. The second on turn 4 and the final on turn 5.

The fact that the attacker could possibly win on turn 2 is offset by the advantageous forward deployment (12-24) of the defender.

Any thoughts on these suggestions?

Marc C

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