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Rod Robertson


Looking good but five KV-1’s vs. five Pz III’s is going to be a bit futile, no? No 88’s or 105’s to back you up? The Germans are going to have it rough with them seemly abandoning combined arms warfare. From a Soviet perspective this is excellent news and I applaud your forward thinking comrade! The micro armour looks very good and the teeny-tiny decals turned out surprising well! Bravo on the artistic end of things. And now for the traditional gripe. How, how, how could you substitute Pz III’s for the exquisite and sublime perfection that was the rivet-ridden Pz. 38(t)? How could you do this Jack? You have abjured and denied the most beautiful tank of the early war? I shall never forgive you this calumny. You have cast aside caviar and substituted trail-mix! It is truly barbaric! Zut alors, les Américains sont tellement dégoûtant! Coulée perles devant les pourceaux. 

Cheers and good gaming.

A broken-hearted Rod Robertson pining for a micro-Skoda fix.

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